Code Samples and Examples

I'm no guru when it comes to this sort of thing, and not an especially talented coder, but these are things that have proved useful to my work, so they're offered up on that basis. Its mainly things that I've developed at my work, but somewhat tidied up and commented at home in my own time to (I hope) make the code a bit less shameful in public view. A drawback of the tidy up process is that I don't have a development environment in which I can test the tidied up versions of the code, so the odd "error in translation" is quite feasible.

You'll also find some of this material on the NetIQ Cool Solutions and Novell Cool Solutions pages.

These snippets and utilities are licensed under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License This is GPL compatible, but doesn't restrict the use the code is put to. Here is the text of the license as it applies to this code.

General Novell/Netware related Utilities

LDAP/PHP utilities for reporting from LDAP directories with an emphasis on eDirectory

VBA Macro Code

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